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Vol 4 - Numéro 2

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Portrait des eaux profondes : Évolution des illustrations d’animaux des profondeurs dans la presse populaire, de Jules Verne (1860) à William Beebe (1930) jusqu’aujourd’hui

Our vision of deep-sea life changed dramatically with the results of scientific explorations and study of the deep that began in the 1860’s. Mythical monsters, epitomized by Jules Verne’s giant octopus, gave way to mysterious landscapes inhabited by odd creatures actually (...)

Entre les arbres : itérer la genèse des formes, en art et dans la nature

In many dynamics of nature we may witness the iteration of a morphogenetic process. Mandelbrot fractals allow us to give an elegant mathematical representation of those engendered by physical processes and provide new tools for an insight into some dynamics in Quantum (...)

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