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Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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An equivalent isotropic approximation for reliability-based design of mini-plate fixation used in fractured mandibles

The objective of this work is to assess the reliability level of mini-plate fixation following surgical operation. A 3-dimensional finite element model is developed in order to study the negative effect due to the stabilization of the fracture. Since muscles can be cut or (...)

Experimental characterization of hydroforming

The shaping by the hydroforming process involves several complex phenomena and presents several types of non-linearities (geometric, material, etc.). The development of a hydroforming operation requires a lot of tests to accurately determine the optimal production loads and (...)

Modeling and numerical simulation of hydroforming

The hydroforming process is strong in its technological advantages; it is nonetheless true that a good control of this process is vital for its development. In an increasingly competitive industrial environment, automakers are reducing design time and the cost of developing (...)

An aerodynamic Study of wind turbine blade

Present paper aims to numerically simulate an aerodynamic flow around a wind turbine blade. So two simulations are performed using ANSYS CFX; first, a section of a wind turbine blade subjected to an air flow, using three different turbulence models under a variety of angles (...)

Metaheuristic for the RBDO of the brasure’s joints of an electronic board

In the majority of mechatronic devices, thermal fatigue of solder joints is a mechanism causing failure of the solder joints. This type of failure is the main cause that the lifetime of embedded mechatronics systems is often related. This paper presents a finite element (...)

Mathematical error‐correction modeling of the liquidity of the stock market. Application: Impact of Market Structure and Institutional Savings on the Capital Market

A mathematical model is estimated from the significant variables (after the elimination of the low influencing variables) and from dummy variables introduced to correct some cyclical events that impact the ordinary correlations of the variables. There may be several (...)

Mathematical optimization of time series. Cleaning financial series of calendar and seasonal effects ‐Moroccan financial market‐

The construction of the national calendar allows the optimization and the production of the seasonally adjusted series, thus significantly improving the quality of the models used to obtain reliable, legible, and interpretable indicators. Series decomposition improves the (...)

Evolution of the crystallite size of Erbium Tetrapolyphosphate with heat treatment or oxidation

Our study focuses on the influence of the oxidation temperature on the crystallite size, oxidation kinetics and mechanisms associated with the oxidation of Erbium Tetrapolyphosphate (TPE). We compared the evolution of the crystallographic morphology of the TPE powder (...)

High photocatalytic activity of hydroxyapatite biodegradable semiconductor for solar panels and environment protection

Incorporating metal ions into a calcium hydroxyapatite structure is a successful pathway to increase their physical, chemical and biological properties. The calcium hydroxyapatite was obtained by solid state method at high temperature, using CaCO3 and (NH4)2HPO4 as sources (...)

Methodolgy and optimization of the electrical energy in a gas turbine power station

Energy Dependence in Morocco is about 93.3%, which makes the price of kWh tightly linked to fluctuations in oil prices. This paper focuses on improving the energy efficiency of an auxiliary gas turbine 315 MW station of Kenitra city in Morocco as example. The main goal of (...)

Modeling of isobaric vapor-liquid equilibrium for binary systems of methanol, ethanol and water

The present work exposes a thermodynamic framework of the modeling of the vapor liquidequilibrium for the three binary systems composed of methanol-water, methanol-ethanol and ethanol-cyclohexane at 101.3 kPa. The experimental data were correlated using the extended UNIQUAC (...)

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