ISTE OpenScience Organization

Open access Journals

ISTE OpenScience presents an innovating and unique editorial model of scientific and technical journals:

• Most of the articles are published in French
• There is no required membership or financial contribution from the author
• The flash expertise used by the Editorial board enables the articles to be published very quickly
• The best articles are selected by the Editorial board
• They are internationally released in the form of books in English, co-published with either Wiley or Elsevier



ISTE OpenScience Steering Committee

The ISTE OpenScience model has seduced a large number of French speaking communities of researchers.
The Steering Committee receives journal proposals. It analyzes and validates them depending on the elements provided and ISTE’s prerequisites.

Members of the Steering committee

Jean-Paul Bourrières – IMS, University of Bordeaux
Frédérique de Fornel – CNRS and University of Bourgogne, Dijon
Alain Dollet – INSIS–CNRS, Paris
Bernard Dubuisson – Heudiasyc, University of Technology, Compiègne
Jack Legrand – GEPEA, University of Nantes
Jean-Charles Pomerol – UPMC and INSIS–CNRS, Paris
Yves Rémond – INSIS–CNRS, Paris



Organization of the OpenScience journals

Theme Sections

Molecular, Green, Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Environment and Earth System
Man and Society
Engineering and Systems
Physics, Electronics and Waves
Mathematics and Statistics
Biological and Medicinal Sciences
Ecological Sciences and Biodiversity



Characteristics of the ISTE OpenScience journals

• Each journal’s editorial theme is deliberately strict
• The Editorial boards for the journals are usually limited to five or six members
• Article proposals are accepted in French or in English. (15 to 20% at the most of the articles in English are accepted)
• Article assessments are promptly carried out by the Committee
• The accepted articles are immediately uploaded on Open Access on our website. (The articles are corrected and laid-out beforehand)
• A number for the journal is created when it reaches a minimum of 120/150 pages i.e 5 to 6 articles approximately
• There is no required financial contribution from the author of an article or from his reader
• The best articles are selected by the Editorial board. ISTE publishes them in a multi-authored book in English (the translation is ensured by us)
• These books are co-published with Wiley or Elsevier (www.iste.co.uk) who ensure the international release. They are indexed in the data bases (Scopus, Wiley Online Library)
• All the participants of the book receive royalties (based on the book’s turnover)



ISTE OpenScience Contacts

Editorial Management and relations with the Editorial board:
Ludovic Moulard – l.moulard@iste.co.uk
Content Production Manager for articles and books:
Isabel Martinez de Rituerto – i.mderituerto@iste.co.uk
Administration and Contracts:
Ludivine Le Flèche – l.lefleche@iste.co.uk