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Vol 6 - Issue 1

Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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Flight plan optimization of a UAV making a Hamiltonian cycle between N measurement points; Traveler problem and battery lifetime

Cover path planning is a fascinating area of study for roboticists, with many studies available in the research literature. During the trajectory planning phase. Since energy consumption is a function of the trajectory it will take, the energy consumption problem will be partially converted to a trajectory optimization problem. For the first phase, we will compress the problem into a 2d design, which is known as the "traveling salesman problem". There is no known method for solving the "traveling salesman problem" that provides accurate answers in a reasonable amount of time for large cases (a large number of cities). Due to the combinatorial explosion, we will often have to make do with approximate solutions for these huge situations. In this paper we will show a heuristic and make a numerical simulation of the flight plan and then characterize the effect of this optimization on the flight time.

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