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Vol 3 - Issue 2

Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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Study of pipe flows around an obstacle with Lattice-Boltzmann Method

Fluid mechanics describes the physical phenomena of fluids which are often governed by partial derivative equations namely the continuity equation and the Navier-Stokes equation. The resolution of these equations using conventional methods encounters certain difficulties (...)

Review of Multibody Simulation Modelling of Gear Systems subjected to Uncertainties

Review of the capabilities of multibody simulation models and their short comings are discussed in this article. Finally an attempt was made to evolve a methodology which leads to dynamically efficient robust design of mechanical systems like gear (...)

Probabilistic analysis of Improved Austin-Moore stem used in cementless total hip arthroplasty considering loading uncertainty

Austin-Moore hemiarthroplasty had been critically utilized for aged patients with femoral neck fractures. However, this implant became no longer favorable when increasing life activity. A multiobjective shape optimization has been integrated to improve its performance. The (...)

Influence of bone anisotropy on reliability assessment of mini-plate fixation system stabilization in symphysis mandibular fractures: Two studied cases under convalescence period

The reliability analysis is used to in order to measure the stability of the mini-plate fixation system used in the human fractured mandibles after the chirurgical operation. The failure is assumed to take place when the Most Probable failure Point (MPP) is found. In this (...)

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