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Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

Incertitudes et fiabilité des systèmes multiphysiques

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Aims and scope

Objectifs de la revue

Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems focuses on the advances in research and industry applied to the fields of optimization, reliability and the consideration of uncertainty in systems. This combination is the source of competitiveness between firms in the automobile, aerospace, civil engineering or defense industries.


The journal brings together contributions in the varied fields of systems optimization (uncertainty, reliability, optimal design and optimization, size calculation, shape, topology, multi-objective and metaheuristics). It also focuses on robustness and on optimal safety factors.

Incertitudes et fiabilité des systèmes multiphysiques s’intéresse aux avancées de la recherche et de l’industrie appliquées aux domaines de l’optimisation, de la fiabilité et de la prise en compte des incertitudes des systèmes. Ce couplage est à la base de la compétitivité des entreprises dans les secteurs de l’automobile, de l’aéronautique, du génie civil ou de la défense.

La revue regroupe les contributions dans les domaines variés de l’optimisation des systèmes (incertitude, fiabilité, conception optimale et optimisation, dimensionnement, forme, topologie, multi-objectif et métaheuristique). Elle s’intéresse également à la robustesse et aux facteurs de sécurité optimaux.

Journal issues


Volume 18- 2

Issue 1

Recent articles

An equivalent isotropic approximation for reliability-based design of mini-plate fixation used in fractured mandibles

The objective of this work is to assess the reliability level of mini-plate fixation following surgical operation. A 3-dimensional finite element model is developed in order to study the negative effect due to the (...)

Experimental characterization of hydroforming

The shaping by the hydroforming process involves several complex phenomena and presents several types of non-linearities (geometric, material, etc.). The development of a hydroforming operation requires a lot of tests to (...)

Modeling and numerical simulation of hydroforming

The hydroforming process is strong in its technological advantages; it is nonetheless true that a good control of this process is vital for its development. In an increasingly competitive industrial environment, automakers (...)

An aerodynamic Study of wind turbine blade

Present paper aims to numerically simulate an aerodynamic flow around a wind turbine blade. So two simulations are performed using ANSYS CFX; first, a section of a wind turbine blade subjected to an air flow, using three (...)

Metaheuristic for the RBDO of the brasure’s joints of an electronic board

In the majority of mechatronic devices, thermal fatigue of solder joints is a mechanism causing failure of the solder joints. This type of failure is the main cause that the lifetime of embedded mechatronics systems is (...)

Residual stresses relaxation in heteroepitaxial growth of thin film

The dynamic of edge dipoles dislocations nucleation’s from free lateral areas, near the thin film-substrate interfaces obtained by heteroepitaxial growth is discussed. The analysis method uses the superposition of image (...)

Modeling and simulation of the flow behavior of the phosphate slurry through the pipeline

The pipeline was primarily perceived as a means of transporting different materials. In this study, we looked at the flow of phosphate pulp in the pipeline linking the Khouribga mine pole (Morocco) and the Eljorf-Lasfar (...)

Predictive study and elaboration of a nano‐capacitor based on carbon nanotubes

The electrical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs), which might be conductive or semiconductive materials depending on a number of key parameters, are a radical different type of materials. In this (...)

Dynamic Response Analysis of a Quarter Car Systems With Uncertainties Parameters

In this paper, a parametric uncertainty analysis of a quarter car system is proposed. For a reasonable evaluation of its dynamic behavior, the influence of the uncertainty of some parameters is taken into account. The (...)

Design and realization of a metrology system and supervision of the meteorological and electrical parameters of a photovoltaic installation

Morocco has a significant solar deposit considering the values of the duration of insolation recorded on almost the whole national territory exceeding the 2000 hours annually and reaching even 3900 hours in the highlands (...)

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