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Vol 3 - Issue 1

Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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Analysis of the modal deformations of a truss by the finite element method

The purpose of this paper is to perform modal analysis of truss by finite element method. The truss studied has 13 degrees of freedom, which led to mass matrix and stiffness tedious. The Matlab computer tool made it possible to carry out the matrix calculation and to realize (...)

Comparison of two points of view when developing reliability-based topology optimization model: Validation on fatigue damage analysis

The classical topology optimization leads to a prediction of the structural type and overall layout configuration, and gives a rough shape description of the outer as well as inner boundaries of the structure. While, the Reliability-Based Topology Optimization (RBTO) model (...)

Thermal modeling of high power transistor HEMT type

Mechatronics is a discipline that combines mechanics, electronics and computer science. The appearance of mechatronic systems gives rise to failure and degradation phenomena that develop over time and are not well controlled. To study these failures we will use the finite (...)

Numerical simulation of the flow around a horizontal axis wind turbine

L’éolienne à axe horizontal (HAWT) est l’une des architectures les plus diffusées parmi les systèmes traditionnels de conversion d’énergie éolienne, en raison de sa grande efficacité aérodynamique. Plusieurs travaux sur les éoliennes portent sur les différents aspects de la dynamique (...)

Comparative Study between Plastic Composites and Steel in Structural Parts of Automobile

The objective of this study is to show that composite materials based on plastic reinforced with mineral fibers (glass or carbon, etc.) used in structural parts of the automobile, assembled with their environment via bolted connections, are able to replace some steel parts. (...)

Dynamic Mesh for Unsteady Flow around a NACA 0012 airfoil

Aerodynamics is defined as the science of handling a fluid that is often the air interacting with a structure. In this science, the number of searches is increasing and growing rapidly due to the rapid evolution of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) that has been driven by (...)

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