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Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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Simulation by the Finite Element Method of the Vibratory behaviour of a Rotor

This article is dedicated to the study of the vibratory behavior of a rotor. The study presents a set of scientific techniques on modeling and simulation of the vibrations of a rotor of a turbomachinery driven in torsion. This study helps to understand from the dynamic (...)

Study of the turbulence models over an aircraft wing

Aerodynamics is defined as the science of handling a fluid that is often the air interacting with a structure. When simulating the flow over airfoils, transition from laminar to turbulent flow plays an important role in determining the flow features and in quantifying the (...)

CFD Analysis of the Transonic Flow over a NACA 0012 Airfoil

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) incorporates mathematical relations and algorithms to analyze and solve the problems regarding fluid flow. CFD analysis of an airfoil produces results such as lift and drag forces which determines the ability of an airfoil. In this paper a (...)

Reliability-based design optimization analysis of a piezoelectric engine

In this paper, we study extensions of the RBDO of the piezoelectric engines with travelling wave taking into account the dynamic contact between the different components (stator and rotor). Generally, the life of these engines is limited by important abrasion of the (...)

Contribution of the Runge Kutta order 4 method in the dynamic of Mechanical System

The purpose of this article is to solve the differential equations of Lagrange of a discrete system. Indeed, modeling and simulation are important steps in mechanical analysis. Modeling makes it possible to write the differential equations that describe the dynamic behavior (...)

Computer-assisted study of the dynamic behavior of a manipulator arm

This article analyzes a numerical solution to solve the differential equations that describe the dynamic behavior of a multibody system. Mechanics suffer from high experimental costs, in some circumstances, sometimes the engineer is unable to test a model, for example in (...)

Probabilistic analysis for osseointegration process of hollow stem used in un-cemented hip prosthesis

This paper describes the application of optimization and probabilistic methods to a hollow stem design implanted in a proximal femur. The objective is to introduce a hollow stem as a robust tool for fixation. Introducing the hollow stem and taking advantage of shape (...)

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