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Vol 1 - Optimization and Reliability

Uncertainties and Reliability of Multiphysical Systems

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A novel method for measuring interoperability of systems

Developing inter organizational collaboration implies that the degree of interoperability is periodically evaluated and improved. This paper aims initially at presenting the basic concepts related to the measurement of interoperability degree. In a second stage, it proposes (...)

Integration of reliability concept into orthodontic prosthesis design: Application on mini-plate fixation systems used in fractured mandibles

Orthodontic prostheses can be used to replace teeth (dental implants, bridges, crowns …) or reconstruct teeth (retraction …) or fractures (fixation systems ...). In this work, we are interested in fixation systems especially the fixation of mandible fractures using (...)

Securing mobile environment Combination of MPSS Framework with ALSD Firewall

The main objective of this study is to definite a global policy to secure the mobile environment, by setting up procedures and mechanisms for the security and protection of mobile devices Which meets the user’s needs, whether in terms of mobile networks traffic or at mobile (...)

Electrical power transmission optimization based on a new version of PSO algorithm

In this paper, we suggest a new version of PSO algorithm, that allows the amelioration of its performance by introducing its parallelization associated to the concept of evolutionary neighborhood. The main objective of our approach is to overcome to the two essential (...)

Taking account of Multi-domains interactions in predictive reliability assessment of mechatronic systems

The mechatronic systems are hybrid, dynamic, interactive and reconfigurable. Therefore their dysfunctional modeling is very difficult. Multi-physical interactions between components have impacts on the degradation or on system failures, leading thus to more uncertainty in (...)

Structural optimization in fluid-structure interaction

Structural optimization problems for elastic structures in flows arise frequently in many applications that form a particularly important of multi-physics problems. This paper presents general and efficient applications for structural optimization analysis of systems (...)

Numerical simulation of vibroacoustic problems by the modal synthesis

In the vibroacoustic studies of coupled fluid-structure systems, reducing the size of the problem is important because we must add all the degrees of freedom of the fluid domain to those of the structure. We propose a modal synthesis method for solving this type of problem, (...)

Validation of numerical model in aerodynamics : application to aircraft’s wing

Fluid structure coupling can occur in many fields of engineering, and it has a crucial consideration in the design of many engineering systems ; for example, stability and response of aircraft wings in aerospace industry and response of bridges and tall buildings to winds in (...)

Multiobjective optimization of trusses using Backtracking Search Algorithm

In engineering, under complex nonlinear constraints, the majority of design problems are generally multiobjective. For multi-objective problems, the computing effort can often rise significantly through the number of objectives and constraints evaluations. Metaheuristics are (...)

Experimental study of the reliability of a power module

In use, electric vehicle power modules are submitted to harsh thermal loads. The resulting thermo-mechanical stresses have an effect on their lifetime. As specific mounting and cooling conditions have a strong impact on reliability, it is important to test power modules in (...)

Integration of reliability and optimization conception into orthopedic prosthesis design: Application on hip prosthesis

The integration of optimization and reliability concepts into prosthesis design allows to understand the different biomechanical effects. In this work, the integration is carried out in the orthopedic prosthesis design in order to increase the performance and also to (...)

Probabilistic study of an embedded system

Embedded systems can be defined as autonomous electronic and computer systems which are increasingly used to control complex systems, they are found in medical equipment, ATMs, etc. The known drop test on the name "drop-test" is the most used method for assessing the (...)

Overview of Structural Reliability Analysis Methods — Part III: Global Reliability Methods

In Part III of the overview of structural reliability analysis methods, global reliability methods, which are based on global approximation model of performance function using Gaussian process model, are reviewed. Gaussian process model is the basis for these global (...)

Overview of Structural Reliability Analysis Methods — Part II: Sampling Methods

In Part II of the overview of structural reliability analysis methods, the category of sampling methods is reviewed. The basic Monte Carlo simulation is the foundation for sampling methods of reliability analysis. Sampling methods can evaluate the failure probability defined (...)

Overview of Structural Reliability Analysis Methods — Part I: Local Reliability Methods

Our work presents an overview of structural reliability analysis, which plays important roles in structural design. In Part I of the overview, the so-called local reliability methods are summarized. The term “local reliability methods” refers to reliability analysis methods (...)

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