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Vol 4 - L’innovation agile

Technology and Innovation

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Agile Innovation: Multidisciplinary Approaches

A group of scientists have decided to take a multidisciplinary look at agile innovation. This concept, sometimes perceived as fashionable, has never before been the subject of such an extensive and diversified debate in the scientific community. Initial observations show (...)

Inventory of Interpretation Frames as a Methodological Tool to Analyze the Elements Acquired or Produced during an Innovation Process

Although there are many methodologies dedicated to the analysis of creativity and innovation processes, it seemed to us that the innovation-intelligence relationship has been poorly dealth with, at least at the design process level. This is why we have developed a method (...)

Confidence and Technology: Two Dimensions to Open and Agile Innovation Applied to Energy

Open Innovation is a widely explored field of research and many technologies have been developed to support the involvement of users, or other external stakeholders of a company, in its distributed co-creation process, i.e. when actors work asynchronously and at geographical (...)

Agility and Product Supply Chain Design: the Case of the Swatch

During the launch of new products, innovative companies must be ready for a reorganization of the supply chain that supports the manufacturing of the product in question. Thus, they have to redefine their role at the heart of manufacturing in order to remain competitive. (...)

The Entrepreneur Venture Capitalist Duo in Territorial Innovation Systems. The Role of Agility.

The venture capitalist is the main funder of the innovative firm. The relationship between these two actors is favored by territorial innovation systems. The venture capitalist plays an important role both as a provider of funds and as an advisor of the entrepreneur. This (...)

The Dynamic Nature of the Concept of Innovation: What Are The Consequences For Assessing Firms’ Innovation Capability?

Innovation has an inherently dynamic character that is changing the way it is managed within companies. All of these changes have impacts on innovation practices and processes, making it difficult to define a relevant indicator of the innovation capability over time. Thus, (...)

Does Agile Innovation Require Specific Skills?

When we talk about an agile enterprise we think of a company that has the ability to quickly adapt to market changes. But agility can also mean flexibility, and in human resource management flexibility can be brutal. For these reasons one should be wary of the buzzwords that (...)