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Vol 2 - Issue 1

Technology and Innovation

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To finish with the denial of the consequences of impossible accidents

The paradigm of most of today’s industrial business models seems to be the utter denial of the possibility of accidents occurring in industry and of their catastrophic consequences. The very short-term business vision of these models, concerned only with an economy which (...)

Consideration of safety through maintenance: the City of Sciences and Industry of Paris

The success of the “Cité des sciences et de l’Industrie” museum in accommodating the visiting public was possible thanks to the high standards adopted in its elaborate structural and architectural features. The purpose of this article is to present a little-known face of the (...)

The plant of alumina at Gardanne in Provence and the technological risks: in search of the point of equilibrium?

The Gardanne alumina plant, in southern France, is the oldest in the world in this industry. This very polluting plant is currently under scrutiny and at the heart of a debate as to whether it should be shut down. This in an important issue because of the significant impact (...)

Towards a reduction of the vulnerability of the building against the major industrial risk - The example of the work prescriptions resulting from the French Technological Risk Prevention Plan (PPRT)

In France, high-risk industries sometimes have to coexist with nearby residential areas. This article aims to reflect on the complex process of the legislation on the control of urbanization, which is the result of a willingness of the authorities to ensure effective (...)

Globalization and industrial risks A critical evaluation of the theories of globalization from industrial disasters and accidents at work

Theories of globalization emerged in the mid-1980s during a period which saw an increase in the number of industrial accidents. These different theories approach industrial risk in their own ways: as a “manna” brought by globalization, as a ubiquitous probability of a (...)

Technological Systems and Evolution of Industrial Risks

The aim of this article is to show the relativity of industrial risks regarding the three technological systems that occurred successively in industrial history. The risks which mainly affect the mining industry and steam engines in the first technological system, limited (...)

Overview: Techno-economy of Industrial Risks

This issue of Technology and Innovation consists of six papers that as well as describing general aspects of technical evolutions and industrial risks, focus on specific activities: workplace injuries, construction and urbanization, alumina production, maintenance in a (...)