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Vol 5 - Issue 1

Technology and Innovation

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Product-service systems as transition enablers for industrial economies

This article introduces Technologie et Innovation’s special issue on product-service systems (PSS). It examines the origin of the term, presents its topicality through some bibliometric elements, and introduces the main current debates. Product-service systems illustrate the (...)

Product-service systems as business models for the circular economy: potential and limitations

The circular economy (CE) defines a new paradigm of production and consumption that seeks to reduce resource consumption and to extend the useful life of products and services through various strategies and closed loops, by trying to avoid waste generation as much as (...)

The functional economy as an innovative business model: the original concept at the proof of legitimacy systems

This article proposes a reinterpretation of Orio Giarini and Walter Stahel’s seminal work on the “new service society” [GIA 89] in the broader scientific context that saw the emergence of a plurality of concepts related to the “functional economy”. It analyzes the legitimate (...)

Product-service systems and functional service economy: innovation dynamics and territorial scales

This paper examines the economic models described by the different approaches of the Functional Service Economy (FSE) and analyzes the innovation dynamics that these models generate. The theoretical framework of innovation in terms of characteristics is mobilized in order to (...)

Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of car sharing systems users

The sharing economy enables the emergence of new Product-Service Systems, which are both environmentally friendly and economically attractive business models for all stakeholders involved. This article examines the motivations of users of car sharing platforms, investigating (...)

Structural coupling between product-service systems. Study of the construction aggregates supply in the Ile-de-France region

During an ANR (French National Research Agency) project called “AGREGA”, a contributory Web portal (ePLANETe.Blue) was developed. It supported actors involved in the supply chain of the construction of aggregates, which was needed in the Paris area. This was done in a process (...)

Product-service systems: exploitation or exploration strategy?

This paper deals with the innovation processes that underlie the development of product-service systems (PSS) by industrial companies. We ask the question: is servitization a result of exploitative or explorative innovation, or a form of organizational ambidexterity? We (...)

Methodology for taking into account environmental and social impacts in the definition of research issues: application to smart composite structures

For several years now, we have seen a need to develop sustainable, responsible and environmentally friendly policies. This has led to a legislative framework guiding the design of a product, service or system, particularly at the company level. However, this framework is (...)