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Vol 4 - L’économie circulaire : innovations avenir

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A Transition to which Circular Economy?

Projects of transition to a circular economy are increasing in light of both grassroots initiatives and public sector incentives. In seven original contributions, this special issue of Technologie & Innovation attests to and scrutinizes the diversity of such actions. (...)

The Conditions for the Emergence and Development of Circular Economy Projects

This article is part of a growing trend of research related to the circular economy. Unlike the majority of studies that focus on the technical and industrial characteristics of the implementation of the circular economy (CE), in terms of design of products, recycled (...)

Does the French Plan of Transition to a Circular Economy Institutionalize a Concept? A Transversal Analysis of Discourse.

This article, based on the theory of the social construction of reality, aims to understand if the construction of the plan of transition towards the circular economy (dispositif de transition vers l’économie circulaire – DTEC) induces, in France, the institutionalization of a (...)

Contributions of Transition Intermediaries in Sociotechnical Niche Diffusion

The transition to a sustainable social model can be fostered by policies that nurture innovation as a path to transformation. This involves spaces dedicated to innovation and experimentation, sociotechnical niches, which can be purposively created to generate change. This (...)

Circular Business Models for Valorizing Agricultural By-products. Exploratory study of four initiatives

The circular economy consists of production systems that take into account the end of life of products. It is a new way of thinking that supports the transition towards sustainable development. Within the agricultural waste management domain, multiple initiatives have been (...)

The Reverse Logistics of Packaging in the Context of a Circular Economy in Cameroon: Issues and Limitations

The recurrent dumping of packaging waste in natural environments in Cameroon causes problems that affect humankind and the entire planet. In line with sustainable development, a circular economy challenges the various actors connected to packaged products, in order to solve (...)

Technological and Organizational Innovations in Industrial and Territorial Ecology Projects

The emergence of new economic models which must respond to ecological transition issues has triggered eco-innovation processes. Industrial and territorial ecology is at the heart of these new economic models. It is characterized by its systemic approach and based on (...)

New Circularity Indicators as Enablers of the Circular Economy?

Managing the circularity performance of technical products is of utmost importance in a context of transition to more circular industrial practices that are in line with the objectives of sustainable development. Yet, in the absence of a stabilized definition of circular (...)