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Vol 2 - Issue 4

Technology and Innovation

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Technical culture and culture of innovation: a general overview

Innovation appears to be the best solution to deal with the major contemporary problems facing today’s society, including global warming, an aging population, scarcity of resources, and so on. This special issue is structured in three stages. In a first step, hit reviews the (...)

A brief history of European technical culture and its relationship to innovation

All technical culture consists of language elements, vocabulary and / or “technolecte”, and a plethora of social practices that define a technical habitus. Each trade and profession has its own technical culture. The forms differ from one another according to the three major (...)

When culture of innovation hides technical culture

Although we live in a digital and artificial society, a technical culture is not a subject of everyday life or of political debate. We usually hear about scientific culture and literary culture but rarely about technical culture and we deplore it. Why is it so difficult to (...)

What made the bicycle, and what it has changed in France (1816‐2016)

In 1817, in the wake of Europe’s revolutions, the bicycle was created in Northern Europe, born out of a desire for speed and the effort to "save time". Made first of wood and propelled by the cyclist’s feet, it underwent a century of development before it began to look like (...)

Technological culture and the contemporary world

This contribution seeks to show the importance of technical culture at a time when digital technology is part of our daily habits. It starts from the observation that technology and innovation do not have a sufficient place in our contemporary culture, and in particular in (...)

Innovation culture in French organizations

From a macroeconomic point of view, there is a consensus that innovation must be developed. In France, organizations focus their innovation efforts mainly on research and development, while other strategies are more effective. A reason might be that innovation indicators and (...)

Technical culture and innovation culture: this tandem reconcile through design

This paper questions the relationship between technical culture and innovation culture in order to return to the central role of the design activity in the context of educational training. Simondon’s [SIM 89] statement about the exclusion of technology in a cultural dimension (...)