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Urban Risks

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Conceptual modelling as guidance for helping to build resilient cities

The resilience concept is use by many fields of study, and has been more and more use by the risk science in the last ten years. It is still difficult today to give a single definition and to found an agreement on its meaning and its application inside the scientific (...)

The neoliberal shift of resilience? Practices and political forms of the resilience operationalization in Dakar

The resilience concept and its operationalization within the international policies had been criticized by authors as a way to develop a neoliberal governmentality through the world. Especially in the countries of the global South, its enforcement into adaptation and risk (...)

Resilience of urban systems: a proposal for a methodological framework dedicated to the operators’ needs

The objective of this paper consists in presenting a resilience methodological approach developed since decade with the aim of taking into account the complexity of urban critical infrastructures in a context of risks management. This complexity is tackled according to the (...)

Designing care: towards a permanent resilience of the city

In contemporary cities, natural and industrial risks are accompanied by an environmental risk (climatic, pollution...) that affects the most vulnerable populations. Designing care allows promoting permanent resilience which can mitigate the effects of these environmental (...)

Flood resilient city and urban distortion

Whereas “keeping the water away” has long been the byword of academic and institutional circles in urban planning, the idea of “living with water” is progressively catching up. Nowadays, national and local authorities tend to share a common vision of resilient cities that would (...)

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