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Urban Risks

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Are cities resilient?

This paper first argues that the driving force behind the aggregation of human settlement, throughout the centuries, has been the ever-increasing need for collective problem solving. Villages and cities have emerged in ‘dissipative flow structures’ in which organization (...)

From the reading of a crisis to that of territorial resilience: the 2017 El Niño in Peru, seen from the capital.

At the beginning of 2017, the Peruvian territory has witnessed several severe rains which were amplified by El Niño phenomenon, particularly affecting the coast of the country. Under these circumstances, multiple emergency declarations were issued putting the National System (...)

Management of multiples risks in urban areas: An integrated multi‐risks analysis model for a general resilience

A territory is never facing one hazard but a set of interacting hazards. In a same space, floods, heatwaves/cold-waves or earthquakes usually coexist with industrial activities as energy plants, chemical factories or hazardous materials transportation. Thus, the risk (...)

Anticipating and simulating the change dynamics to diagnose and improve the resilience of an urban territorial system

This contribution deals with resilient cities and explicitly takes an overall perspective. The concept of resilience is here used to examine both the event-type perturbations, which process in a relatively short time frame, and the anticipation of urban futures and (...)

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