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Reliability of the hemodialysis machine through Weibull distribution in the presence of uncertainties
Sofiene Fenina, Souheyl Jendoubi, Faker Bouchoucha

Hemodialysis devices are vital medical equipment which are directly responsible for the patient’s life, used to treat kidney failure. In this paper, the reliability of the Hemodialysis machine in stochastic environment was analyzed using a Weibull distribution approach. From the failure history, the scale and the shape parameters of the Weibull distribution were estimated using analytical and graphical methods. The effect of the external influencing factors on the machine reliability is treated. These factors have a random effect which depends on the external stochastic environment of the system. The adopted methodology consists in introducing a Gaussian perturbation on the Weibull parameters and studying its effect on the reliability indicators. The means and standard deviations of the Weibull parameters are calculated and used to extract the mean and standard deviation of the reliability indicators through the first-order Taylor series expansion. The numerical simulations lead to visualize the mean and the standard deviation of the reliability of the hemodialysis machine.

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