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Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Proposal for a general approach to infrastructure and industrial process co-design
Nhat-Tung Phan, Anne-Lise Huyet, Jean-Luc Paris, Aurélie Talon

Industrial construction is confronted with the complex interaction between infrastructure and industrial processes within that infrastructure, with worrying consequences for the environment. In order to achieve more sustainable construction practices, it is imperative to adopt new environmentally-friendly production and assembly methods. However, co-design between infrastructure and industrial process is still insufficient, leading to costly design and construction errors. In order to improve the overall performance of industrial projects, real-time coordination and effective communication between the two essential components - infrastructure and industrial process - are crucial. In this paper, we propose an innovative systems approach to strengthen collaboration between infrastructures and industrial process throughout the development process of an industrial project. We also present a quantification tool integrating key indicators from both fields, such as financial optimization, energy efficiency, flow management, safety and holistic management. To illustrate this approach, we present a case study, followed by an analysis of the results obtained and prospects.

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