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Vol 1 - Jeunes Chercheurs du GDR MACS au congrès mondial de l’IFAC - JD MACS 2017

Industrial and Systems Engineering

List of Articles

Modelling method of complex processes performed by autonomous authors. Application to the orientation of people with disabilities

A process model must ensure a representation of the different actors involved in the process and how they relate to each other. The modelling of all the relationships between all the actors becomes complex when each actor behaves independently (autonomous actors) and his (...)

Adaptation of Epidemiological Models to Study Failures Propagation in a Production Resource

We explore the applicability of an epidemiological model to describe failure propagation in an industrial production resource. The complex interdependency in a production system, generally does not only degrade the components, but resultant failure could spread to other (...)

An approach to anticipate PLM solution deployment in a freedom form company – the real case study of Group Poult

In recent years, industrial companies have been interested in reducing and optimizing the development of their products. This mastery of the product development processes is supported by information systems and software solutions as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). (...)