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Monthly evolution of the production of the captures after the opening of country of sins industrial shrimp 2021: case of the B zones and C1 northwest of Madagascar

Madagascar benefits, in some coastal regions, of conditions particularly favorable to the shrimps pénéides. The global objective of research is to value the production of the captures of the fishing industrial shrimp during the first four months in the B zone and the C1 zone of the country 2021. And the specific objectives of this survey are to put in evidence the evolution of the captures, of the Captures by Unit of effort (CPUE) and also to put in inscription the specific composition of the captures and the abundance of every species captured. For the methodology, observations on land, to sides of boats, have been made in the B fishing ground and the C1 zone. Of this fact, five species of pénéides are targeted as the Metapenaeuses monoceros, Fenneropenaeus indicus, Penaeus semisulcatus, Penaeus monodon and Marsupenaeus japonicus and the other mixed shrimps. The monthly production between April and July 2021 in the two studied zones varies 17529 to 32788 kg in the B zone and 12402 to 24819 kg in the C1 zone. While the variation of the middle capture by unit of effort (CPUE) is respectively from 397,74 to 2127,21 kg/h in the B zone and 520,84 to 2459,73 kg/h in the C1 zone. The abundance of the captures of the species varies 43% B zone and 45% C1 zone, of Metapenaeus monoceros and 3% B zone and 2% C1 zone, of Penaeus monodon. Nevertheless, the present document is going to give more indication on the state of the output of the captures in relation to the pressure exercised.

African Contingencies and the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence: Setbacks
Wendgoudi Appolinaire BEYI

Social action theory is part of a general theory by Tallcot Parson, which brings into debate a unilateral construction of an all-embracing social system, or in practice, a way of life in increasingly shared environments. The Singularity of Artificial Intelligence is a prospective of a human environment substituted by a modeled environment, making Artificial Action a driving force behind human consciousness. The institutionalization of an imaginary homogeneous Africa is the test of cultural diversification consolidated in everyday reality. The setback appears to be the existence of a paradox between the appropriation of the environment of conscious action by the environment of algorithmic action, in which Africa is absent. We can also question this absence at the level of its alignment in an integrated world, with admittedly a unilateral but effective model.

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