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On perceptions in Margaret Duras’ novel Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein: A weak‐quantum theoretical approach to visual perception

Perceptions, and the interplay of visual perceptions in particular, are fundamental to Margaret Duras’ novel Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein.1 The author skillfully guides the reader to follow Lol’s own gaze as she desperately tracks both her former lover and the woman whose (...)

Fly4Arts: Evolutionary Digital Art with the Fly Algorithm

The aim of this study is to generate artistic images, such as digital mosaics, as an optimisation problem without the introduction of any a priori knowledge or constraint other than an input image. The usual practice to produce digital mosaic images heavily relies on (...)

The Horizon project: "Emotion in lines"

This artistic project originated as an experiment undertaken to analyse the mental imagery the brain uses for the expression of emotions on a formal, conceptual and iconographic level. In the interest of understanding the nature of creativity in human beings as a tool that (...)

Sleep Paintings by Artificial Ants

This paper provides technical and conceptual information on a swarm art project called Sleep Paintings. The project consists of a series of colour images generated by an ant-based clustering algorithm operating with sleep data sets extracted from electroencephalogram (EEG) (...)


The artistic project Emergilience intend to explore the conditions for shape emergence due to self-organised phenomena. To do that, we start from computer models modeling biological studied behaviors such as for instance, Predator-Prey interactions to watch the system (...)

Art Beings

The Art Beings series was initiated in 2002 on the simple principle of considering populations to be artificial as an organic material in a digital work. Throughout the series, we have created evolutionary ecosystems, based on the use of genetic algorithms. These evolving (...)

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