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Mathematical Infinity “in prospettiva” and Spaces of Possibilities

The Italian Renaissance painters invented the first symbolic form for the mathematical concept of ’’actual’’ infinity : the projective point of the perspective. This was the result of a long debate on infinity, in philosophy, since Aristotle, and in theology, during the Middle (...)

Conducting Archaeogaming & Protecting Digital Heritage: Does the Future for Archaeology Lie in The Immaterial

Digital games have become considerable and influential cultural transmitters throughout the past years. As social sciences had grasped the importance of this medium as an object of study, the field of archaeology has increasingly taken notice of the digital leisure worlds of (...)

Coalescence, Visions of Science

Coalescence. Inevitable attraction, inescapable fusion of two identical materials that results in the creation of a new, more energy-efficient entity. This is the essence of this work which associates science and art in a quest for beauty. Revealing the striking aesthetics (...)

Living forms

The Formes vivantes (Living forms) exhibition, which will open on October 9th, 2019 at the Musée national Adrien Dubouché, Limoges, France, aims at exploring the relationship between ceramics and the living, from the Renaissance until today. This article will lay out the main (...)

Internal geometry of "Salvator Mundi" (so-called Cook version, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci)

The study presented here concerns the search for the internal geometry of the Salvator Mundi (so-called Cook version, attributed to Leonardo da Vinci), followed, by comparison, with that of the so-called Ganay version. This approach confirms the methodology we developed (...)

Arts, Sciences, Religions and oversized human brain

One wonders about the universality of the individual religious fact that is socialized in the form of rituals and institutional religions. The cerebral hypertelism characteristic of the human being, consequence of bushy evolution of the great primates, is at the origin of (...)

Arts, Sciences, Religions and the over-sized human brain 2

Among the institutional religions, the monotheistic formulas were imposed in the Middle East in association with the history of hierarchical societies and their modalities of power. This relationship has made religions agents re-sponsible for the greatest massacres in (...)

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