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Aims and scope

Objectifs de la revue

The Arts and Sciences journal presents works, achievements, reflections, techniques and prospects that concern all creative activities related to the arts and sciences.

Painting, poetry, music, literature, fiction, photography, video, graphic design, archeology, architecture, design, museology etc. are invited to take part in the journal as well as all fields of investigation at the crossroads of several disciplines such as pigment chemistry, mathematics, computer science or music, to name but a few examples.

La revue Arts et sciences présente les travaux, réalisations, réflexions, techniques et prospectives qui concernent toute activité créatrice en rapport avec les arts et les sciences.

La peinture, la poésie, la musique, la littérature, la fiction, la photo, la vidéo, le graphisme, l’archéologie, l’architecture, le design, la muséologie etc. sont invités à prendre part à la revue ainsi que tous les champs d’investigation au carrefour de plusieurs disciplines telles que la chimie des pigments, les mathématiques, l’informatique ou la musique pour ne citer que ces exemples.

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Recent articles

Geometry and the life of forms

Viewed globally, the life of forms shows the same tendency to complexification for natural forms and for geometric forms resulting from mathematics or art, with a clear acceleration for the latter in modern times. Since the (...)

Infinity of God and Space of Man in Painting, Conditions of Possibility for the Scientific Revolution

The rich Greek and medieval debate on the nature of the infinite, potential vs actual infinity, finds a synthesis and an answer in the invention, in Italy and during the Renaissance, of the geometric perspective. From the (...)

Kosmoopera: between cosmos and cosmogony

The Kosmoopera exhibition research project started in April 2019. A year later, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Paris invite you to discover the works of Valentina Mir. The exhibition event take place on April (...)

Depictions of the Deep: Illustrations in the Popular Press of Deep-Sea Animals from Jules Verne (1860’s) to William Beebe (1930’s) and beyond

Our vision of deep-sea life changed dramatically with the results of scientific explorations and study of the deep that began in the 1860’s. Mythical monsters, epitomized by Jules Verne’s giant octopus, gave way to mysterious (...)

Among the trees: iterating geneses of forms, in art and in nature

In many dynamics of nature we may witness the iteration of a morphogenetic process. Mandelbrot fractals allow us to give an elegant mathematical representation of those engendered by physical processes and provide new tools (...)

The passion for flight: from Leonardo da Vinci to Jean Letourneur

Leonardo da Vinci has embraced the careers of engineer and painter with equal talent and equal success. However, he was not the author of the theory of theft, due four centuries later to another autodidact Frederik (...)

Geometries of movement

Leonardo da Vinci was a precursor in the fluid mechanics field, thanks to his experimental approach as well as its purely artistic applications. His creative process has inspired mine. Keeping with this spirit, I have been (...)

Factories of the living

In 2019, one book (Xénobiologie, by Marie-Christine Maurel and Michel Cassé) and two exhibitions (La Fabrique du vivant at the Pompidou Center, Formes vivantes at the Musée national Adrien Dubouché in Limoges) displayed a (...)

In the landscapes of Motten Morvan: an experience of ecological art

This article presents a creation-research work in arts, meeting thoughts about landscape and ecology. How can an ecological thinking guide artistic and landscape practices? What role can academic research and artistic (...)

You’re a visual artist, you work in agriculture, so you work on landscape?

When you are a visual artist, working on agriculture or working on the landscape is not equivalent. Drawing on the review of his experiences as a researcher in arts, as a teacher in agricultural education and as a project (...)

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Marie-Christine MAUREL
Sorbonne Université, MNHN, Paris


Sorbonne Université

Mickaël FAURE
Ecole des Beaux-Arts

Jean-Charles HAMEAU
Musée national Adrien Dubouché
Cité de la Céramique Sèvres et Limoges
jean-charles.hameau @sevresciteceramique.fr

Musées de Strasbourg


Hugues VINET
IRCAM, Paris

Philippe WALTER
Laboratoire d’archéologie
moléculaire et structurale
Sorbonne Université Paris


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