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Substitution of sulphite for the treatment against the melanose among the shrimp Penaeus monodon (Penaeidae) of the society Aqualma Mahajamba
Benjamin Christian RAMILAVONJY RAMIANDRISOA, Esmeralda Aïsha VOLAHANGY, Hery Lisy Tiana RANARIJAONA, Rivoharinala RASOANARIVO

The black spot or black stain is a defect visual current among the shrimps. It affects the aesthetic quality as well as the commercial value negatively. The consumers are more and more distrustful on the food products containing chemical additives of which the sulphite of sodium (MBS) whereas it is the best option to control the black spot among the shrimps. The objectives of this research are to identify product of treatment again against the black spot, to value the quality of the shrimps treated (residual of sulphite and sensory quality) and to value the efficiency of the treatment products in terms of cost and convenient of use. Of this fact, the alternative products tested in the setting of this research are the citric acid, the Vitamin C and the Crustacel-Z (a product cocktail). An analysis of the data has been made. For the results, according to the ANOVA, the averages estimated of level of black spot vary from 0 to 0,505 with value of (F = 356,01; p <0,0001) for the different treatments. The difference between the averages of level of black spot of the different treatments is meaningful. An efficiency on the prevention of the black spot of the shrimps with the treatment Vitamin C similar to the MBS treatment has been noted after three months of storage. In short, the Vitamin C is easy to use. It is not corrosive and don’t drag a danger on health and the security of people manipulating it.

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