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Internet of Things

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Présentation du troisième numéro de la revue

Nous avons le plaisir de présenter le 3ème numéro de la revue “Internet des objets”. Il est composé de six articles qui traitent plusieurs facettes de l’Internet des objets à la fois les techniques et les usages. Ci-dessous, nous présentons les résumés des (...)

Internet of Things (IoT): Concepts, Issues, Challenges and Perspectives

This article is a deepening of our article that was published in 2017 in the journal. We took some elements but we also developed other concepts to make a consequent synthesis on the IoT. We present, 1) Connected Object (OC), 2) Internet of Things: Definition, 3) Steps and (...)

Pretopology and privacy protection in the Internet of Things

The article presents a way to represent privacy in the context of the Internet of Things via diagrams. Using pretopology, we study how to create a graphical and conceptual organization of privacy that can allow its parameterization by manipulation of the graphical elements (...)

Analysis of children’s activity with a tangible and narrative interface (Lunii ‐ La fabrique à histoires): an instrument for creativity?

We propose in this article to analyse children’s activity during the use of a digital and tangible artifact destined to create and listen stories (Lunii - La fabrique à histoires). Our study, based on ten childrens, builds on ergonomics process study an artefact in use. (...)

Contribution of digital technology and connected objects to health: towards a user‐centered approach

This article deals with the uses of connected objects in the field of service design and mHealth. It is based on a design-driven research, a work-in-progress in collaboration with the University Hospital in Nîmes. The objective is to show, by experimenting and prototyping, (...)

Internet of Things for human learning

The Internet of Things encompasses a multitude of connected devices with advanced functions for the automation of tasks and assistance to individuals, raising technical, political, social and economic challenges. Learning is linked to these challenges in several ways: the (...)

Towards a new generation of internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) is the way to interconnect smart objects that are capable of collecting data via sensors and making appropriate decisions. Data collection and data processing can be either done locally at the level of these objects or outsourced on the Cloud, (...)

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