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Issues and Challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT)

In this paper, we present: 1) the concepts of the Internet of things (IoT), 2) the data as a source of value creation, 3) the socio-economic challenges of IoT, 3) The challenges for companies and researchers, 5) and the last part has as objective to describe the themes of (...)

The Internet of Things, the Internet of "Everything": some remarks on the intensification of the world’s digital folding

We propose a brief look of what could be an (open) set of problems and researches constructed from the field of SHS and aimed at the multiple dynamics of the digital folding of the current world and within the framework of the Internet of the Objects. At the same time, we (...)

Study and development of a smart cup for the home‐based activities monitoring of post‐stroke patients

In this paper, we present a platform for continuously monitoring and guiding post-stroke patients at home during their daily activities. The platform consists of a smart cup that carries sensors to monitor the arm and hand activity during the day. The cup detects its (...)

Multi‐standard transceiver for the Internet of Medical Things

In this paper, an original physical layer design of the IEEE 802.15.6 narrowband receiver is proposed, including frame synchronization, timing synchronization, and carrier frequency synchronization. This proposed singlecarrier system can be incorporated into a conventional (...)

The transitions of smartphone positions what consequences on the recognition of the human activities?

This paper presents an experiment that shows the impact of the transitions of smartphone positions (from one position to another on the human body) on the recognition of the human activity, in an uncontrolled environment. The studied activities are walking, laying, standing (...)

Enabling Fast‐prototyping of Connected Things using the WiNo* family

In order to be able to deploy the various solutions for the Device Layer of the Internet of Things, these proposals must be evaluated in terms of performance, scalability and repeatability. This paper introduces our test platform which was designed to be able to support (...)

New robust protocol for IoV communications

First, the paper presents some definitions of vehicle networks, application areas, communication technologies and barriers that disrupt communications and deteriorate quality of service (QoS) in the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). Then, it introduces our proposition aiming to (...)

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