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Vol 2 - Issue 1

Modeling and Using Context

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Contexts in philosophy: pragmatic competence as filter

This programmatic paper is an attempt to connect some worries in the philosophy of language with some traditional views in artificial intelligence. After a short introduction to the notion of context in philosophy (§1), starting from the inventor of mathematical logic, (...)

Discovering Context for Real-World Events

Specifying the search space is an important step in designing multimedia annotation systems. With the large amount of data available from sensors and web services, context-aware approaches for pruning search spaces are becoming increasingly common. In these approaches, the (...)

Human Activity Recognition Using Place-based Decision Fusion in a Smart Home Context Management System

This paper describes the results of experiments where information about places is used in the recognition of activities in the home. We explore the use of place-specific activity recognition trained with supervised learning, coupled with a decision fusion step, for (...)

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