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Modeling and Using Context

Modélisation et utilisation du contexte

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Aims and scope

Objectifs de la revue

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Modeling and Using Context is the first interdisciplinary journal open to scientists whose research focuses on taking context into consideration.


The importance of context is recognized in a lot of subjects among which we can find emerging communities that need to deal with context in their research and in their practice (including equipment).


The journal is a platform for the exchange of experiences, discoveries and results in every subject. Given that the journal is read by an interdisciplinary public, the submitted articles must be intelligible for people who are not specialists in the author’s field.

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Modélisation et utilisation du contexte est la première revue interdisciplinaire ouverte aux scientifiques dont les recherches portent sur la prise en compte du contexte.

L’importance du contexte est reconnue dans de nombreuses disciplines, dont celles des communautés émergentes qui doivent faire face au contexte dans leurs recherches comme dans leurs applications (y compris les équipements).


La revue est une plate-forme d’échanges des expériences, des découvertes et des résultats dans toutes les disciplines. La revue étant lue par un public interdisciplinaire, les articles soumis doivent être compréhensibles par des non spécialistes du domaine de l’auteur.

Journal issues


Volume 17- 1

Issue 1


Volume 18- 2

Issue 1

Recent articles

A Context-Driven Data Visualization Engine for Improved Citizen Service and Government Performance

Every day, the US government creates and consumes significant amounts of data. Federal agencies are finally riding the wave of Big Data Analytics for solving problems such as improving citizen service. Domestic tranquility, (...)

From Usable to Incentive-Building Energy Management Systems

Reducing energy consumption is an individual and collective challenge that requires people to be proactive and fully involved. However, most approaches and solutions to this problem promote automated and autonomous systems (...)

Supporting context on software applications: a survey on context engineering

Engineering context-aware applications, i.e. applications that are able to adapt their behavior according to context information, is a complex task. Not only is context a large and complex notion, but its support on (...)

Epistemological Contextualism from a Logical Point of View

This paper aims at presenting a logical framework capable of expressing epistemological contextualism. Epistemological contextualism relies upon the possibility of an indexical interpretation of the knowledge operator, (...)

The Cooperating Context Method

This article presents and evaluates a novel contextual approach called the Cooperating Context Method that can serve to synthesize complete narratives that are interesting and make sense to the human reader/listener. (...)

Modeling Human Actions through Context

This paper presents and discusses how context is being used to model intelligent human activity – specifically, tactical actions. Tactical behavior involves selection and execution of courses of action that address the (...)

Elaboration of the Contextual Graphs representation: From a conceptual framework to an operational software

The paper presents the current status of research on context modeling and management that emerges from several real-world applications since 25 years. We now have a robust conceptual framework and its implementation as a (...)

Context-Mediated Behavior

All effective agents are context-sensitive. This is true for biological agents, and it must also be true for artificial agents if they are to succeed. Context-mediated behavior (CMB) is one approach to endowing artificial (...)

Modeling and Using Context in Business Process Management: A Research Agenda

Business Process Management (BPM) is the art and science of monitoring how the work is performed within an organization to ensure consistent results and opportunities for improvement. One important research topic on BPM (...)

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