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Design of prosopographic databases in history - A state of the art

Prosopography aims to study similarities in the trajectories of people in their biography. It is based on a database containing information relating to people from a specific environment defined chronologically and geographically. The objective of this article is to propose (...)

From the symogih.org project to the Data for History consortium - Collaborative information modeling for geo-historical data production and interoperability in the semantic web

The symogih.org project ("Système modulaire de gestion de l’information historique") set up in 2008 a virtual research environment allowing the collaborative and cumulative production of geo-historical data from multiple and different research projects. Particular attention (...)

Analyzing Digital Politics - Challenges and Experiments in a Dual Perspective

Social networks have become in the last decade central to political life. However, to those interested in analysing the communication strategies of parties and candidates at election time, the introduction of the Internet into the political sphere has proved a mixed (...)

Bibliographies of French Art Critics — An Interdisciplinary Project of Digital Humanities

This article presents the genesis, implementation, and achievements of a project to co-design a digital device that belongs to the field of digital humanities. This involves the design, development, and implementation of a database of bibliographic references of art (...)

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