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Digital Archaeology

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The collective faced with big data: shared interpretation and retro-validation of LiDAR data from the El Infiernillo site, Michoacán, Mexico

The acquisition, in 2015, of a high-resolution LiDAR (Light Detection and RAnging) elevation model for the entire geological complex of the Malpaís of Zacapu, West Mexico, has deeply influenced the research methods and general approach to this region of Mesoamerica in recent (...)

Artefacts: nature, structure and usages

This article aims at describing “Artefacts, online collaborative encyclopaedia of archaeological small finds”, which tries to list all the forms of objects attested between the end of the Prehistory and the pre-industrial period in Europe and around the Mediterranean. It (...)

Combination of an MAS and a GIS to assist in petro-archaeological prospecting. Exploration of a multi-agent approach in modelling natural flint paths.

The use of multi-agent simulation (MAS), which were engaged as an exploration, aims to simulate potential theoretical paths of siliceous rock fragments, according to a gravity model and altimetry data from various IGN altitude databases. The objective is to identify areas (...)

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