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Vol 2 - Issue 1

Cognitive Engineering

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Clustering of variables and multivariate analysis of mixed data from BCI study

The aim of this work is to analyze complex data from a Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) study using multivariate statistical methods (PCAmix approach and clustering of variables) to better understand and interpret their relationships. This article presents clustering of (...)

Effects of vehicle automation in normal and critical driving situations: from empirical studies on a driving simulator to cognitive modelling.

With the migration of responsibility from drivers to automation systems in vehicles, there are potential risks to be studied due to “out-of-the loop” issue induced by the automated driving. To investigate these potential risks, two complementary experiments were implemented on (...)

Edelman (TNGS) and learning process of reading

After mentioning the six paradigms of the learning process, one of Edelman contribution to the theory is explained. Its application to the learning process of reading shows how important it is to link it with writing.

Ethical approach in neotechnology of human enhancement

Converging technologies, or NBIC neotechnologies, are the subject of all the hopes, fears and resistances that support the moral positions developed and promoted by citizens facing the exponential development of these technologies. These positions can be schematically (...)

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