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Entropy: Thermodynamics – Energy – Environment – Economy

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Experimental and numerical thermophysical characterization methods applied to an old brick wall in dynamic conditions

The objective of this work is to improve knowledge on the thermo-physical characterization of building walls by comparing three numerical methods on an experimental masonry brick wall. The approach consist in a parametric identification of the thermophysical properties of (...)

Models and irreversibilities of the energy conversion systems

This paper looks at the models used in the studies of energy conversion systems performances. These models are defined in respect of whether or not internal or/and external irreversibility is present. There are four types: the reversible (Carnot), the endoreversible, the (...)

What can mathematical modelling contribute to the mastery of bio-printing?

Bio-printing from additive manufacturing technologies is developing in terms of scientific research because with this recent technology it would be possible, with stem cells from people with serious diseases, to one day recreate deficient organs without rejection from sick (...)

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