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The Passion-Clipperton
Anthropogenic traces on an uninhabited French atoll in the Pacific Ocean
Anthony Tchékémian, Patrick Leleu

Passion Island-Clipperton is currently free of continuous and regular human settlement, but supports a large colony of birds, crabs, rats and plant species. However, from the remnants of past human occupation to the plastic waste brought in daily by the sea, it is subject to human interaction. Following an international scientific mission, we focussed on the nature of the anthropic remains, i.e. their history, dispersion, dynamics and effects on the environment. Overall, this study addresses the history, uses, activities on and around the atoll, as well as leisure activities, human appropriation and territorial claims. The processing of this data has considerable heuristic value for the human and social sciences. The problem of waste is considered not only as a reverse side of production, but also as a research object combining historical, geographical, economic, geopolitical, landscape, environmental, ecological and symbolic dimensions. In this way, the study provides an opportunity to consider and debate the effects of the current economic and environmental crises.

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