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Vol 3 - Issue 1

Information Retrieval, Document and Semantic Web

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Detection of weak signals in weakly structured data masses

This paper is related to a project aiming at discovering weak signals from different streams of information, possibly sent by whistleblowers in a platform as GlobalLeaks. The study presented in this paper tackles the particular problem of clustering topics at multi-levels (...)

DataNews: contextualisation of quantified values in wires

The Open Data allows the access to plentiful data, with a large coverage, but none of them offers a structured databased around news. Through DataNews, our goal is to seek for data automatically so as to provide means to reuse them. To do so, we first defined an event (...)

Influence over Networks, a modelling proposal

This paper focuses on influencers, defined as individuals succeeding to have an impact on the decision process of other individuals simply through interaction. The success of social networks in the last decade led to an increasing interest for detecting such profiles. In (...)

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