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Information Retrieval, Document and Semantic Web

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Keyword Representations in Semantic Vector Space: a Keyword Assignment Method for Automatic Document Indexing

With the extremely rapid growth of the amount of digital documents in our societies, automatic keyword indexing has become a central research issue in information retrieval and document management. Several scientific competitions dealing with automatic indexing tasks have (...)

Document vector embeddings for bibliographic records indexing

This article presents the eXenSa contribution to the 2016 DEFT shared task. The proposed task consists in indexing bibliographic records with keywords chosen by professional indexers. We propose a statistical approach which combines graphical and semantic approaches. The (...)

Automatic indexing of scientific papers Presentation and results of DEFT 2016 text mining challenge

This paper presents the 2016 edition of the DEFT text mining challenge. This edition adresses the keyword-based indexing of scientific papers with the aim of simulating a professional indexer. The corpus is composed of French bibliographic records from four domains : (...)

A graph-based ranking approach for indexing in specialised domains

This article presents the participation of the TALN group at LINA to the défi fouille de textes (DEFT) 2016. Developed specifically for automatic keyphrase annotation, we propose a new method, TopicCoRank, extracting the most important phrases from a document and providing (...)

Notes about the Computational Journalism workshop 2017

This short paper gives an overview of the presentations and discussions held during the "Computational Journalism" workshop. This workshop was proposed by Laurent Amsaleg (CNRS, IRISA), Vincent Claveau (CNRS, IRISA) and Xavier Tannier (LIMSI- Univ. Paris Sud). It took place (...)

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