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To use LinkedIn within the organisation and outside: between individual and collective strategies

People who work for human resources (HR) use LinkedIn within the organisation (internally) both for recruiting and for employer branding. Outside the organisation (externally) everybody can use LinkedIn to find a job or for personal branding. One survey and ten interviews (...)

Approach to citizen co‐design in the processes of innovation by uses: the case of the Ecofamilies project

The authors place their article in a context of societal innovation, which puts users at the center of the project approach in terms of the energy theme. Interested in a typology of existing co-design approaches, they propose a feedback from the Ecofamilies participatory (...)

Movie reviews and pirated posts

The promise of open, free of charge, interactive and democratic spaces is, without any doubt, an important aspect of Web 2.0. The on-line comments or critics of the non-professionals fall within a new phase of capitalism named Contributive Economy by Bernard Stiegler. (...)

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