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Recursive identification in transmittance of under‐operated mechanical system (applied to inversed pendulum)

A new approach of identifying mechanical system under-operated is presented in this article. The basic idea is to spread the extensive least-square algorithm and the Stieglitz and McBride algorithm to the case of under-operated systems. The considered models are OE and (...)

Discussing an intriguing result on model-free control

An elementary mathematical example proves, thanks to the Routh-Hurwitz criterion, a result that is intriguing with respect to today’s practical understanding of model-free control, i.e., an “intelligent” proportional controller (iP) may turn to be more difficult to tune than an (...)

A Study of non linear state estimation based on invariant observers

This article presents a study of non linear state estimation based on invariant preserving observer : l’IUKF (Invariant Unscented Kalman Filter ). Several research works on nonlinear invariant observers have been led and provide a geometrical-based constructive method for (...)

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