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Vol 5 - Issue 2

Technology and Innovation

List of Articles

Innovation biographies as a vector for technical culture development

Our contemporary societies face an increasingly glaring paradox. While we live in a world that is produced – more and more – by technology, and the demand for innovation has never been stronger, the technical culture [CHO 17] is struggling to find its place in our society. (...)

History of the R2E-Micral computer: how to make a “microcomputer” exist in the 1970s

The article presents the history of an emblematic microcomputer, the Micral system, invented within the R2E company in the 1970s. It aims to show the interplay between levels of technical culture throughout this very complex innovation process: the omnipresence of (...)

History of the TEL glass fiber method

This paper presentsthe history of the TEL method, an innovation developed in the 1950s by ISOVER – a brand of the French company Saint Gobain – to produce glass fiber. The process’s history invites us to follow in the footsteps of a formidable human epic and adventureAt the (...)

Inventing and innovating when no one wants to pay: Cleaning up space debris

The market incentive to invest in the invention and adoption of solutions would often be the driving force behind innovation, but when it comes to investing for the common good, it does not apply. This is the case with innovation in space waste disposal. The story of (...)

A simple surveillance tool? The story of a body camera worn by the police in the Netherlands

This article presents the story of a recent and unstabilized technological object: Zepcam – a type of body camera, worn by the police in the Netherlands. By examining the various inscriptions and translations that took place during its conception and introduction, the paper (...)

A history of the street light à réverbères: collective management of the innovation, technical script and space reticulation

The street light à réverbères, also known as the “optical” street light, is an improved version of the ordinary street light which optimizes the luminous intensity of the lantern by using concave metal reflectors to direct the beam of light where needed. Although history chooses (...)

Photography – a plural innovation?

This article sets to one side those brilliant inventors who are commonly thought of as pioneers, in favor of a more rounded reading of the innovation of photography over the course of the 19th century. Mapping the progress of innovation (here, understood as an investigation (...)