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Technology and Innovation

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Venture Capital as A Facilitator of High Tech Innovation in Clusters: The Case of French “Pôles de Compétitivité”

Silicon Valley and Route 128 are the most frequently presented cases when we talk about clusters and technological innovation. The literature on the success of these areas is extensive, but little emphasis is placed on this question in French literature on clusters and the (...)

The Development of French Start-Ups: A Problem of Funding?

The aim of this paper is both to present the different financing tools available for the creation and development of start-ups and to discuss their relative efficiency for their. In France, the start-ups can have access to a large set of private and public funding in order (...)

The Identity of Start-Up Founder and Hi-Tech Entrepreneur Coaching

A start-up is an innovating company deeply rooted in technologies and with high market prospects. In such structure, the entrepreneur is often focused on his core business, making use of his experiences, knowledge and skills. Support is all the more needed as further skills (...)

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Creativity

Creativity is a new field of research compared to innovation and the final boundaries of creativity have not yet been clearly defined. Creativity and innovation have often been jointly used to describe product innovation through which companies obtain a “star” product as the (...)

Innovative Milieu and Innovative Entrepreneurship

A lot of research is being developed today around the relationship between the entrepreneur and their territory, with the underlying assumption of a more or less easy access to skills, knowledge, funding and infrastructure within a territory. The innovative milieu, defined (...)

Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurial Dynamics

Innovation, in the industrial capitalism, is based on two pillars: mastering technology and a high level of entrepreneurship. Innovation aims to make profitable the capital invested by the entrepreneur. This link is analysed at three levels, macro (nation), meso (industrial (...)