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Technology and Innovation

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An exploratory Study of Bridges between Invention, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights
Pierre Saulais

Present paper aims at complementing empirical contributions, already delivered to the special issue of Technology and Innovation review, with a more conceptual aspect of the topic of links between invention, innovation and intellectual property rights. After a light exploration of the three above-mentioned components, the author intends to show that these links actually represent bridges between fields which were little connected up to know and that the material, which these bridges are made of, is nothing else that knowledge.

From ideation to product launch: how IP strategies and work environment can foster innovation
Maggy Perrier, Audrey Depeige

This manuscript presents the processes and methods by which an international company, Essilor creates
and captures value through its innovations. The article describes the activities and structure of the company, contributing to the improvement of innovation performance, and maintaining its competitive advantage. The competitive environment urges the company to seek various forms of collaborations with other organizations to create, capture, and deliver value (products or services) to spectacle lens wearers, encouraging knowledge-based innovation. In particular, field illustrations show that the company utilizes two sources of access to new technologies, using the networking with other companies in its ecosystem could stimulate the co-development of new products. New forms of partnerships are illustrated by the emergence of an inter-organizational learning and the dissemination of new knowledge, supported by dedicated IP strategies.

Commitment to an industrial evolution
Theodor Felezeu

There is a need for a « new industrial deal » at a critical time in History, regarding the social, economic or environmental situations we go through. Article’s goal is to perform an analysis of the main principles for the industries to follow, in order to stimulate sustainable innovation and play an active role in mankind’s evolution.

The Patent, a “Swiss Knife” to invent and to innovate
Yann de Kermadec

Patent language is located at the center of interactions between innovation, inventions and patents. To elaborate
a patent, one must answer a logical, powerful but non-natural question, « Which new combinations of means do you propose? ». If you translate very long and complicated phrases of patent claims into drawings called “means tree”, the patent language becomes very clear to engineers. The means tree facilitates the use of patents within a global approach named « Innovate thanks to patents ». Being simultaneously a strategic tool to protect and exploit innovations, a mine of information and a powerful design language, allow to foster, to secure and to better exploit innovation projects.

Industrial innovators: the loneliness of the long distance runner
Michel Moruzzis

To sum up the state of innovation in French industries, it could be said that “Smart ideas give poor returns”.
After almost forty years spent in advanced studies, the author realized that industrial innovators must be tough long distance runners, and that many obstacles are paving their way. Then he thought that his experience could be used to highlight and explain this point of view. Starting from the description of three cases from his own work, the author attempts to describe more general obstacles which are probably affecting many industrial companies. Finally, the author concludes that innovation in French industrial companies should be considered more seriously and as a part of the company’s DNA. He also believes that management is probably the domain in which companies really need innovation. As a conclusion, the author would be delighted should this analysis stimulate companies to much more practice team sports to innovate.

The inventor, the innovator and the engineer
Pierre Saulais

This paper aims at showing how the different contributions to this special issue are connected to the topic of
the links between invention, innovation and intellectual property rights. First of all, this topic is introduced as a statement according to which impassioned individuals are inhabited by the sacred fire for one or more of these components. Readers are finally invited to identify themselves with one or the other among these actors.