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Vol 1 - Issue 2

Technology and Innovation

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An exploratory Study of Bridges between Invention, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights

Present paper aims at complementing empirical contributions, already delivered to the special issue of Technology and Innovation review, with a more conceptual aspect of the topic of links between invention, innovation and intellectual property rights. After a light (...)

From ideation to product launch: how IP strategies and work environment can foster innovation

This manuscript presents the processes and methods by which an international company, Essilor creates and captures value through its innovations. The article describes the activities and structure of the company, contributing to the improvement of innovation performance, (...)

Commitment to an industrial evolution

There is a need for a « new industrial deal » at a critical time in History, regarding the social, economic or environmental situations we go through. Article’s goal is to perform an analysis of the main principles for the industries to follow, in order to stimulate sustainable (...)

The Patent, a “Swiss Knife” to invent and to innovate

Patent language is located at the center of interactions between innovation, inventions and patents. To elaborate a patent, one must answer a logical, powerful but non-natural question, « Which new combinations of means do you propose? ». If you translate very long and (...)

Industrial innovators: the loneliness of the long distance runner

To sum up the state of innovation in French industries, it could be said that “Smart ideas give poor returns”. After almost forty years spent in advanced studies, the author realized that industrial innovators must be tough long distance runners, and that many obstacles are (...)

The inventor, the innovator and the engineer

This paper aims at showing how the different contributions to this special issue are connected to the topic of the links between invention, innovation and intellectual property rights. First of all, this topic is introduced as a statement according to which impassioned (...)