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Vol 4 - Science fiction et conception de l’innovation

Technology and Innovation

List of Articles

Science fiction, imaginary of engineers and innovators.

Science fiction is an increasingly influential technical imaginary in laboratories and R&D centers. Engineers and scientists develop projects that seem to realize the most futuristic science fiction stories. Innovation and creativity are influenced by a technical (...)

Using science fiction in engineers’ education. Technological imagination as an element of technical culture

Contemporary challenges such as resource scarcity, climate change and population growth require fresh thinking about the strong link between technology and society, especially for engineers who are responsible for technical production. In this context, we argue that (...)

Anticipative fiction in France in the second half of the 20th Century. The example of Richard Bessière.

Science fiction explores the areas that lie between science and myth, philosophy and faith, knowledge and dreams. If it draws on scientific rationality, it always does so under the veil of the imaginary. The purpose of our contribution is to deepen this journey from science (...)

Technological innovations in the post-apocalyptic world. Lessons learned from science fiction movies.

The objective of this article is to analyze the contradictions between our future vision about world development and a possible apocalyptic end, a subject of various science fiction movies. These contradictions seem to us due to the incompatibility between the presumed (...)

Engineers versus designers. Transposition of the technical imaginary into the visual – "a science-fiction vérité"

The increasing interest in “the new”, one of the main drivers of innovation, is today promoted and maintained by two professional groups, crystallized over time, that have never managed to remove a certain common area of uncertain identity – engineers and designers. We propose (...)

Projecting or criticizing imaginaries? Methodological reflections

Through the example of the infantryman, this article proposes methodological tools to exploit imaginaries from science fiction (film, manga, novel, comics, etc.) in a design approach. Based on a corpus of nearly 300 references, it shows that the imaginaries should be used in (...)

The contribution of science fiction to technoscientific discourses on the conquest of Mars

The conquest of Mars is an issue that goes beyond the scope of scientific curiosity. Although exploration is mainly produced and financed by the public sector, the deployment of manned missions with the aim of creating a Martian civilization could be provided by private (...)