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Zero-inflated regression models for right-censored counts, with an application to healthcare utilization

Zero-inflated models for censored and overdispersed count data have received little attention so far, except for the zero-inflated Poisson (ZIP) model which assumes that overdispersion is entirely caused by zero-inflation. When additional overdispersion is present, useful (...)

Measuring Subjectivity in Health and Clinical Research: Have we gone through the whole question?

Health subjectivity measurement is essential to understand the interconnection complexity between physical health and psychological state of an individual. For this, all the elements that make up a subjective measurement questionnaire should contribute to apprehending a (...)

Loss of functional independence of elderly people: an overview of autonomy trajectories based on a literature review

In order to anticipate preventive measures to support and maintain functional autonomy community-dwelling in elderly people followed prospectively and consequently delay loss of independence, a comprehension of the concept of functional independence trajectories is (...)

Some properties of a kernel conditional quantile estimator for associated data

This paper aims to establish some asymptotic properties of kernel estimators of the conditional distribution function and the conditional quantile when the lifetime observations and the covariates are associated.

Assessing Dunnett and MCP-Mod based approaches in two-stage dose-finding trials

Identifying the right, or the optimal, dose is one of the major difficulty during drug development. As a consequence, the dedicated dose-finding study is a key milestone in the drug development and recent methodological progress has been made for the analysis of those (...)

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