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Vol 5 - Issue 3

Technology and Innovation

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Innovation Policies and Models in Africa: Systemic and Structural Challenges through Capacity Building

This introductory article starts from the renewal of development challenges in Africa with regard to the increase in inequalities, climate change, food insecurity, population growth and political conflicts, and questions the effectiveness of public policies. In this context, (...)

Propaedeutics to the Theory of National Innovation Systems Applied to Economic Development

Widely used and disseminated as a key concept within international organizations, as well as a current economic policy instrument, the National Innovation System (NIS) makes it possible to identify the actors involved in the innovation process in a national context, while (...)

The drivers of innovation in an African middle-income economy, a reassessment of innovation models

There are few studies dealing with the drivers of innovation in African economies. We contribute to the literature in many ways. First of all, due to the diversity of African economies, we argue it is necessary to target the type of economy we observe. As a consequence, we (...)

The National Innovation System as applied to Agriculture: a methodological proposal for diagnosis in Africa

Policy interventions in the agricultural sector have not always been informed by methodologies to reduce the risk of failure. In Africa, interventions in the agricultural sector have long depended on two main approaches. First there is the linear approach (top-down) of (...)

The Need for a Policy Focused on the Development of Innovation Capacities in the Malian Agri-Food Sector

The issue of food and nutrition remains one of the major challenges facing developing countries (DCs), particularly Mali. Many attempts at technological innovation have been made in the production and processing of agricultural products to meet the food needs of populations. (...)

Education, training and the knowledge economy in Algeria: Some empirical milestones

This paper deals with the education and vocational training system in Algeria. We first present the theoretical links between education, training and accumulation of human capital and the impact of human capital accumulation on economic activity and economic growth. We, (...)

Internalization of knowledge in Senegal: the example of the peanut industry through the SONACOS oil mill

Technology transfer has been emphasized in the literature of the 1980s-1990s to emphasize the importance of the ability to use, disseminate and appropriate foreign knowledge. The process of internalization of knowledge, both conducted by local firms and different territories (...)

Digital innovation and structural transformation of French-speaking African economies: risky opportunities for development?

Digital technologies are inducing rapid and profound changes in Sub-Saharan Africa and are transforming traditional political, economic, social and cultural models. But who is benefiting from these changes? Are these technologies contributing to a structural transformation (...)