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Vol 6 - Issue 1

Cognitive Engineering

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Should we fear AI or those who play with fantasies?
Benoît Le Blanc

The question of fear or confidence in artificial intelligence regularly comes to the forefront of the news. The novelty comes from the fact that concrete applications of AI are emerging. Besides, not a day goes by without the newspapers mentioning “AIs”. But should we really be afraid of it? Raising this question involves three points: understanding what AI is, examining current events in the field, and equipping ourselves with some means to think about how to move forward socially and politically with AI.

Psychological operations of influence and Maskirovka as a Russian mindset
Bernard Claverie

Maskirovka is an ancient method of masking and concealing Soviet military actions. Today, it has become a veritable doctrine that permeates every dimension of the Russian state. It constitutes a culture of information manipulation and influence in the service of military, political and diplomatic secrecy, targeting both institutional adversaries and individuals opposed to Russian power.

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