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Vol 3 - Issue 1
Proceedings of the session n° III-3 (CA) of the XVIII° UISPP congress, Paris, June 2018 Session III-3 (CA). Construire des référentiels partagés : Webmapping et archéologie.

Digital Archaeology

List of Articles

Development of common repositories: the complex coordination of collaborative work

Current archaeological research practices confirm a strong trend towards the grouping of researchers and the sharing of data, which now requires the establishment of shared platforms. This change in practices is reflected in the shift from working locally to opening up to (...)

Chronocarto, a web-GIS for archaeologists (but not only...)

Chronocarto is a web-GIS developed since 2006 for the representation of cartographic data in Archaeology. It has been designed to allow for networking among researchers, non-specialists in GIS, from the acquisition phase to the enrichment of existing on-line documents. The (...)

Collecting, managing and promoting data on flint deposits and sites in France: for shared cartographic and publishing platforms.

Over the past ten years, several resolutely interdisciplinary Projets Collectifs de Recherche (PCR), have produced a set of descriptive data on the main flints associated with their primary and secondary deposits in southern and central France using a new method for the (...)

Multi-scale mapping of a habitat on a rugged site: Silla del Papa (Spain)

As part of the ANR Archeostraits program, a mapping of the archaeological remains of the site of Silla del Papa (Southern Spain) was undertaken. It is made complex by a rugged topography, with strong unevenness and a ground covered by persistent vegetation. In addition, Late (...)

Learning through connecting: data management as a basis for meaningful use of legacy data - The African Archaeology Archive Cologne

For more than 50 years the African Archaeology at the University of Cologne has conducted field research in various parts of Africa, particularly in the Eastern Sahara and in Namibia. The focus was on environmental history and on rock art, with internationally renowned (...)


Online since 2009 and currently in its 4th version, the webGIS ArkeoGIS now benefits from a long experience dealing with compatibility issues and the interoperability of apparently disparate databases. Effectively, data originating from archaeological and (paleo-) (...)

ArchéoFab: A program for sharing data and knowledge

ArcheoFab - Archeologies of the Paris Basin (ABP). Network of sites and network of actors is a shared program of the UMR 7041 ArScAn. Since its inception, its objective has been to share information and know-how related to the spatial dimension of archaeo-historical (...)

The PACTOLS Thesaurus, a controlled and shared vocabulary system for archeology

Created by the Frantiq network (Federation and Resources on Antiquity), initially for the documentary indexing of scientific literature, PACTOLS is a unique reservoir of thematic metadata dedicated to archaeology. The thesaurus manager on which it relies, Opentheso, also (...)