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Vol 1 - Issue 2

Digital Archaeology

List of Articles

Round Table: “Large scale archaeological prospection”

Archaeological prospection includes various and complementary methods. Among them geophysical ones aims at recording spatial variations of underground physical properties using a well sampled grid layout. Some examples are (...)

Archaeological survey and sampling: a paradoxical divorce

This article deals with the issue of sampling in archaeological survey, and particularly in preventive archaeology. After recalling the origins of sampling in archaeology since the 1960s, and the work of French archaeologists in this area in the 1970s, the method of (...)

Geophysics for large development projects and large scale archaeological surveys

Scale is the key concept when dealing about survey and particularly for the geophysical survey over large areas. At first, the role of geophysics in rescue archaeology is described. After noticing the known role of geophysics in academic archaeology, we analyze the (...)

Towards mapping the archaeological continuum. New perspectives and current limitations in Planning Led Archaeology in Italy.

The paper discusses both theory and practice in the application of the Italian domestic law, which has applied since 2006 to any kind of public new construction or to the modification of existing structures. The author argues, based on two of his own projects, BREBEMI and (...)