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Expression analytique de la sensibilité de la charge de surface avant pour les transistors MOS semiconducteur sur isolant complètement déplétés

An analytical expression of free top surface charge sensitivity in FDSOI MOS structure has been established for weak inversion region and validated by TCAD numerical simulation. The influence of various FDSOI stack parameters has been analyzed. The impact of the interface (...)

Méthodologie basée sur gm / ID pour la conception de LNA à retour capacitifs

A gm/ID based methodology is detailed in this paper in order to help the designers to determine the optimum size of a capacitive feedback LNA by considering the design topology, the specifications to reach and the technology characteristics. Thanks to this methodology, the (...)

Technologies 22FDX® pour les Applications très basse puissance IoT, RF et Ondes Millimétriques

In this work we revisited the 22nm FDSOI technology for lowest power IoT, RF and mmWave applications. Ultra-low leakage and power devices are described, as part of the 22FDX® portfolio. Transistors performance is presented. N-FET (p-FET) drive current of 910μA/μm (856μA/μm) at (...)

Caractérisation électrique des Dispositifs CMOS FDSOI avancés

FDSOI technologies are very promising candidates for future CMOS circuits as they feature low variability, improved short channel effect and good transport characteristics. In this paper, we review the main electrical techniques and methodologies used to characterize the (...)

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