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Présentation du quatrième numéro de la revue « Internet des objets »
Imad Saleh

Nous avons le plaisir de présenter le 4ème numéro de la revue “Internet des objets”. Il est constitué de six articles qui traitent plusieurs facettes de l’Internet des objets à la fois les techniques et les usages. Ci-dessous, nous présentons les résumés des articles.

Short thoughts on the becoming of the political economies of Health: IOT, Molecularization‐Epigenetic and Psychic and Collective Individuation of Health
Jean-Max Noyer

In this article we outline some possible changes in the configurations of health governance modes, in the context of the development of connected objects, epigenetics and the molecularization of individuation processes.

New approach using an IoT robot to oversight the smart home environment
Meftah Zouai, Okba Kazar, Belgacem Haba, Guadalupe Ortiz, Nadia Kabachi

Smart environment needs a lot of sensors in different places. The cost of these sensors is expensive, and to reduce this cost we proposed a mobile robot. This robot carries a range of different sensors that will sense the surrounding environment and send data to the objects in the environment. Since our robot consist of a set of sensors, this can eliminate the possibility of using a huge number of sensor and placing those senssors on all the environment. The process of communication between the robot and the objects in the environment through the MQTT protocol. The IoT Things can control the robot directly through orders received by the robot.

A generic architecture for intelligent systems based on IoT technology
Soheyb Ayad, Labib Sadek Terrissa

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology with a huge potential for a very wide applicability. “IoT can be defined as an intelligent pervasive environment, based on a continuing proliferation of intelligent networks, wireless sensors and a massive data centers; the basic idea of IoT is that, virtually every small or large physical thing in this world can be a computer connected to the Internet. There are many fields of research on IoT technology with a wide number of application domains”. In this paper, we had interested to smart systems based on IoT technology. We have proposed a new smart multitenant solution based on IoT and cloud computing technologies which push classic systems (agricultural, healthcare or industrial) to be connected, and enhanced with a system offering a Web Application (Dashboard) to monitor, supervise and control an important number of objects (machine or human) geographically separated. In this paper, we propose an IoT based generic solution for smart systems and we have implemented and tested it on two study cases (Agriculture, industy).

Smart meter: Transformation vector for an efficiency energy management
Ridha Elghoul, Khaled Jelassi

This paper aimed to develop a solution for a remote and Real Time monitoring for energy consumption through a smart meter technology. Firstly, we will discover the energy management system by highlighting its role in the smart supervision and energy management. Secondly, we proposed an architecture of an IoT based system implementing specific communication technologies for connected objects. Finally, we designed and implemented our multi- protocol smart metering solution for a remote energy monitoring.

Reinforcement Learning and Blockchain to secure the Internet of Things
Aissam Outchakoucht, Hamza Es-Samaali, Anas Abou El Kalam, Siham Benhadou

Securing the IoT world in not a luxury task; it is even a matter of urgency given this exponential growth of IoT market. In fact, one can easily imagine the catastrophic damages of an attack in the field of e-Health or in the smart cities and critical infrastructures management. That being said, serious problems derived from these constrained environments block the proposal of pertinent solutions. This paper is a contribution step in this direction. To address these problems, we expose a global framework inspired from the concept of emergence in order to take advantage of this large number of devices and extract the "emergent" characteristics that are nonexistent in smaller systems. The framework is built on top of two pillars: Blockchain as architecture and Reinforcement Learning as processing toolkit.

Interconnected virtual space and Theater. Influences on acting.
Georges Gagneré, Cédric Plessiet

The article presents the second step of a practise based research about theatrical acting and avatar direction. It first describes the paradigm shift induced by the move from video medium towards 3D image for transferring scenic presence in virtual space using an inertial motion capture device. It takes a use case for explaining the new approach needed both in acting and direction issues. It ends with a synthese of the achieved results and prospects about new explorations.

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