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Vol 2 - Mobility Innovations. Transport, management of flows and territories

Technology and Innovation

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Is technology the only future for transportation? Which innovations for which changes in the transportation system?

This special issue illustrates the need to highlight all the possible innovations in the field of transport and logistics: service innovations, and also organizational innovations, beyond technological innovations alone. By considering the transport system as a (...)

Promotion of the diffusion of radical innovations in goods transportation system: best practices from the German‐French comparison

The topic of this article concerns the conditions for the emergence and dissemination of radical innovations in freight transport, with regard to environmental externalities. It shows the need to consider radical innovation as a social innovation, leading to reconsidering (...)

The uberization of logistics: disruption or continuity? The case of the Greater Paris region

This article analyzes, in an empirical way, the consequences of an “uberization” of logistics, based on the case of the Île-de-France region. Our work is based on several in-depth interviews with some of the actors of this transformation, startups founders, firm directors, (...)

High‐speed rail and local development in different institutional contexts: towards a spatialization of services innovation analyses

Expectations in cities served by high-speed rail in terms of local economic development are numerous. While nearly everyone would agree that the structuring effects of transportation infrastructures don’t exist, the factors that influence the link between high-speed rail and (...)

Innovations in the railway sector: an innovation system in transition between state impulsion regime and market oriented regime

Innovation is now considered as being essential for the railway sector to solve the difficulties it faces. In order to analyze the innovation processes in this sector, we adopt an overall view of production in the rail system by considering it as a whole and with its (...)

Business Models, Logistics and Innovation: the case of e‐commerce

Business models were first used for companies with an Internet connection. The current free access on the Internet obliged companies to question their income model. The novelty of the offers raised the question of evaluation by the traditional business plan and engendered a (...)

The dissemination of workplaces for distributed urbanization

In the last quarter of the twentieth century, the possibility of remote working arose. This new technological opening has given rise to hopes for the humanization of working conditions and the revitalization of rural areas. Overall, these expectations have been disappointed: (...)